About Kalakriti Art Gallery


Creatif is Kalakriti Art Gallery's latest venture.

Around two decades back when Kalakriti Art Gallery (KAG) started its journey at the heart of Hyderabad, the city possessed a trivial status in the contemporary art scenario of India. But since 2002, from the time of its birth, the gallery, through its persistent effort, has excelled in the art milieu of the 21st century India. Over the years it has proudly hosted the landmark exhibitions by the pioneering artists, as well as promoted budding talents. KAG houses an impressive collection of artworks by the leading artists of India such as Anju Dodiya, Jogen Chowdhury, K G Subramanyam, S H Raza, Surya Prakash, T Vaikuntam, K S Radhakrishnan, Seema Kohli, Manish Pushkale among others. Not only by curating shows, but KAG also aims at edifying the people of Hyderabad by conducting seminars, workshops, panel discussions on a regular basis. This intellectual exercise and sharing fertilise the young minds of the artists and art students to fathom the ambiguity in their conceptual and theoretical practice. Art historians and critics such as Alka Pande, Jyotirmaya Sharma, Nancy Adajania, Ranjit Haskote have been part of these scholarly exercises.

The present definition of Fine Arts transcends the limitations of the previous days and appears as a more inclusive discipline sharing and exchanging thoughts with other disciplines like history, sociology, anthropology, cultural studies, regional studies, films, and many more. As approaching as a new-age art gallery, KAG encourages different sorts of experiments young artists are coming up with. Performance, installation, digital art go hand in hand with the so-called ‘conventional mediums’ such as painting, sculpture, and printmaking.

Its collaborative initiatives are supported by Alliance Francaise, Goethe Zentrum, University of Hyderabad and many such cultural hubs. Among its participation in national art fairs most notable are Art Expo, Mumbai, India Art Fair, Delhi, and The Luxury Expo, Hyderabad. Recently, Kalakriti has traveled to Bordeaux, France with its major show titled ‘Kal, Aaj Aur Kal’, tracing the evolution of Hyderabad landscape through vintage and contemporary photographs.

KAG has housed its enormous collection of artworks at the Merchant Towers on Road no. 4 at Banjara Hills. The innovatively designed space offers the art enthusiasts and collectors to have a look at the original works and experience their true colours, shapes and forms. The collection includes an excellent range of artworks by great masters, senior and contemporary artists to junior and upcoming artists. One can enjoy their aesthetic beauty and pick up the ones that have intrigued them to add to their private collections. KAG’s professional art support team will install the artworks at the collector’s place with much proficiency.