Cheriyal Plates 20"X20"

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The Cheriyal style of painting is a vibrant display of a storytelling tradition tempered with a very unique flavour and motifs of Telangana. They serve as a visual aid to oral stories and popular folktales. These are the folktales that part the canopy of the forest to reveal stories of fantastic wild beasts, heavenly beings and learned sages as well as recreate idyllic scenes of rural life populated with cowherds, village belles, local heroes and royal personage. Traditionally painted on scrolls, Cheriyal paintings are considered a stylized version of Nakashi art that evolved in the Cheriyal region of Warangal. While once they served only as a storytelling tool, today they have found patronage among art connoisseurs who value the immense artistic potential of Cheriyal paintings as a standalone artform. To celebrate this unique art, we bring to you these coveted original art on plates, featuring the work of perhaps the most celebrated practitioner of this art - Vaikuntam Nakash. Each plate is painstakingly hand-painted by the master craftsman himself. A National Awardee, Mr Vaikuntam Nakash belongs to the legendary Nakash family, which has been diligently involved in making Cheriyal paintings since the 15th Century.